About This Website

The delaineconsulting.com website was created using the WordPress Content Management System. The site, which has a private area only for members, includes a dynamic News page that allows editors to create and publish press releases fast and without any web programming knowledge.

In addition, all the content and images of the website are easily editable through a web browser, not needing any additional software.

The site, which was coded to be search friendly, allows editors to create as many pages as they want, select their privacy level and add them to the menu with no more than three clicks.

Platform: WordPress 3.2.1
Plugins Used:

Developed by Kobayashi Online, a Toronto web design company specializing in WordPress Development.

Kobayashi Online is a digital marketing agency helping businesses grow in Toronto. The agency designs creative websites integrated with today’s most popular Content Management Systems like WordPress and ZenCart.

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