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“There are many training programs that promise increases in sales productivity, but few that deliver. Your program delivered significant gains in a very short time.”

– William McIntosh, VP and Director, Sales Development, Wood Gundy

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The Delaine difference lies not only in the content of our programs, but also in producing sustained behavioural change through highly integrated continuous development programs. These programs include:  truly customized content, highly interactive live training delivered in person or in virtual immersive e-classrooms, post-training skills reinforcement, and coaching.

We operate strictly on a client basis, customizing everything we do to each client’s unique situation and needs. Our clients include some of the world’s most successful global corporations in the technology, financial services, and industrial sectors, as well as many SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses).

With Delaine, you have access to a menu of services dedicated to helping you realize the full revenue and profit potential in your customer relationships. In addition to skills training and coaching, our services include strategic and tactical consulting, key-note presentations, sales and customer handling process refinement, and leadership development.

Our services are grouped into four main subject areas:

  • Sales Development
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Management Development
  • Relationship Development